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Sarah Cobillas is Miss MorningWood.  She is the creator of the beautiful wood panels and tables that are seen in Current Work. Sarah’s vision for Miss MorningWood, however, is much more than just herself and her art. She hopes to create a community of strong women artists who support one another through collaboration rather than competition.


Ashley Miller is the geek and writer behind the blog and Sarah’s partner in crime and biggest fan.  She hopes to connect and inspire creative and intrepid women through this online platform.  She is also studying business  and marketing with the hopes of helping artists and women understand how to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing world.


What we believe: We believe in celebrating woman made and woman owned.  We believe we are stronger together than we are alone.  We believe everyone should have access to beautiful things.  We believe in turning trash into treasure.  And above all else, we believe in love.

Making a living making things (especially things made with hammers and nails) has not been so friendly to females.  It can be lonely trying make your way in a world that wasn’t made for you.  So we are trying to forge our own path and find success in our own way.  To us that means collaborating instead of competing with each other.  Women have always been makers, infusing design and beauty into functional items and everyday events.  I see it in the stories we tell, the clothes we wear, the meals we make AND in the art we create, the blogs we write, and the future we design.  Women dominate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.   We need to use these paths to find our way back to best friends who inspire dreams and fairy godmother who make anything possible. We are so excited to find, follow, like and share other women makers, movers and shakers.

If you are interested in the current work featured please contact Sarah.m.Cobillas@gmail.com

If you are interested in being featured on the blog please contact OaktownAsh@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About us

    • Thanks Ella! I am so happy you are into what we are doing-that’s why we do it. We are definitely open to support- if you know any dope female artists or are an artist yourself let us know. Or if you have a blog, instagram, facebook, etc we’d love (and greatly appreciate) a shout out!

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