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We’ve had a lot going on this summer at Miss MorningWood.  We bought a van, got rid of most everything we own and moved to the mountains.  Sarah also got hit by a car while crossing the street and Ashley ended up in the ER on our first week here in Denver.  We had an amazing adventure along the way that we can’t wait to share with you and we already have our next Lucky 13 artist ready to over-share.  As for the werkshop, we are busy building a live/ work space with a built in “treehouse”, finally found some legit repurposed wood sources and have an art fest in October that we are prepping for.  But we really miss this little blog and all of the connections we’ve made and we can’t wait to get back to it.  Doing my wordpress homework and hoping to have some more appealing features when we return.  We Wish You Were Here and will See You Soon! 


In the Werkshop: Sold!

In the Werkshop: Sold!

We sold our first piece today! It was for a wonderful couple who are hosting a memorial this weekend and are using the experience as a motivation to complete their home projects. We feel so honored to add a little ray of happiness to their process. What made it even more special is that they spotted the first piece Sarah ever made behind some other boards and fell instantly in love. We will make sure to post pics of the first Miss Morningwood in her new home soon!

How To: Hammer

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What is it? A Hammer

noun: a tool with a heavy metal head mounted at right angles at the end of a handle, used for jobs such as breaking things and driving in nails.
verb: hit or beat (something) with a hammer or similar object.

There are many kinds of hammers, in the GingerPino Werkshop we have a claw hammer, a mallet, an upholstery hammer and a chisel hammer.

How do I use it?  Hammers can actually be really dangerous, trust me I hurt myself a lot!  Let’s just trust the experts at WikiHow on this one

When do I use it?  When can’t you use a hammer?  Miss MorningWood uses it to pull nails out of lathe and to push our lathe pieces into place on our panels. We use it with a chisel to chip bark off logs and we use it with nails for…many things. You should absolutely use both “hammered” and “nailed” as verbs as often as possible.  If you are a lesbian, you will certainly need to use a hammer once or twice in your life to impress a girl.  We suggest splitting wood for a fire while sporting a red flannel (which should work for men trying to “nail” straight girls too.)  Check out The Family HandyMan for a few other uses and the amazing Hammer Like a Girl blog for inspiration!

In the WerkShop

Last week Sarah designed her first wood panel in our new GingerPino WerkShop (aka our newly cleaned garage.)  It happened to land right on our 2 year anniversary making it a perfect gift for one lucky Ginger.  Swoon. I guess that’s why Sarah is the only magic man in my life.  I must be a pretty good Ginger Muse too, because the magic kept on flowing this week with several gorgeous reclaimed lathe panels.

wood panel 1

photo 3 (1)

woodpanel2 (1)

photo 5

The muscle behind Miss MorningWood


Sarah Cobillas tells us why she does what she does, proving that she is more than just a pretty face and a strong arm:


I believe that women are mentally and physically stronger than the limitations that society has put on us. I believe that women are strong enough to make lives that challenge the status quo. I believe that as a woman, the art that I create can inspire other women to have the confidence to also create. I want to learn about sustainable design and master my craft so that I can teach women how to make things for themselves. I know first hand what a transformative experience it can be to create something from nothing.


As a girl who was interested in things that are traditionally dominated by men, I was always told I would never be good enough to compete. Looking back at my career in the military, in a position where women were rarely represented, I proved to myself that not only could I compete with men, I could also surpass them. My life in the military was incredibly challenging, but I am grateful for the wisdom I gained after my experience. It opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities that myself and other women can achieve. At the end of my enlistment I was given a chance to move up the ranks and become an officer. I turned down the offer because I believed that outside of the military I would have a greater chance to impact my community.


I am creating my own ideal of what success can mean for me.  I know that creating things and helping people is what fulfills me. My goal is to make sustainable design accessible.  I want to open the doors for the women who never imagined they were strong enough to handle machinery and create quality pieces for themselves.  I want to create beautiful and affordable furniture for people who never thought that they could afford to own a piece of art. I want to be a part of the movement of sustainable design, not only to preserve our environment, but also to sustain our most under-priviledged communities.


My art is a process of renewal and transformation. I try to infuse new life into discarded objects whose fates are otherwise limited to decay. In this same way, I want to inspire people to unearth the blessings in their alleged deficits. My dream is that people like me realize that our perspective is necessary in the art world and our lives are worthy of beauty.  I believe that creativity has no limit and by supporting one another, instead of fighting each other, we all have the ability to unlock our full potential.

Why Blog?


Honestly? It gives meaning to my insatiable social media desires. As hard as I try, I just can’t stay away from the voyeuristic temptations of Instagram.  I can’t help it, I really want to know who your woman crush wednesday is.  And who likes your woman crush wednesday. But like any good drug, I end up feeling pretty strung out and empty at the end of my creeper binge.  This blog gives (some) purpose to my desires and I now know what it is I am searching for.


Finding Sarah was like finding a best friend when I was 8 and awkward and alone.  From the first week we met we started to create together.  Nothing intentional or noteworthy, but meaningful nonetheless.  Sure, our paintings were of Daria, narwhals and splatter paint jiz. And yea, maybe we built forts and made costumes instead of going out like grown ups.  But I think what we were really doing was finding something we lost in childhood.  That something that let our imaginations run wild.  We forgot about being cool and created a magic interior world where anything was possible.  But just like middle school, I woke up one day and realized all of the other girls my age had moved on to other things and other friends.  I am so grateful to have found my bff and boo boo in one quirky and beautiful girl crush, but I still wonder where all the other weirdos are.  And by weirdos I mean, where are all of the other girls who would rather dress up like mermaids and drive up the coast to collect drift wood for reclaimed furniture?  Not in a hippy way, not in a tripper way and not in a crafty mom way… in a really fashionable, absurd, intelligent, irreverent and possibly even gay kind of way.  Image

I don’t know where exactly these other trouble starter, noise makers are, but I know they are out there.  Making a living making things (especially things made with hammers and nails) has not been so friendly to females.  It can be lonely trying make your way in a world that wasn’t made for you.  So we are trying to forge our own path and find success in our own way.  To us that means collaborating instead of competing with each other.  Women have always been makers, infusing design and beauty into functional items and everyday events.  I see it in the stories we tell, the clothes we wear, the meals we make AND in the art we create, the blogs we write, and the future we design.  Women dominate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.   We need to use these paths to find our way back to best friends who inspire dreams and fairy godmother who make anything possible.  I am so excited to find, follow, like and share other women makers, movers and shakers.  Who run the world?